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How it Works:
R. A. McCullough takes pride in our ability to provide you with a custom built home suited to your individual needs. We can provide you with design services or work with your architect/designer should you have one in mind. The steps listed below will give you a basic outline of the design/construction process.
Site selection: This is important to do as the location and site conditions will have an impact on your construction cost planning.
Discuss style and requirements of your new home allowing us to provide you with a preliminary design and budget pricing to determine the feasability of building your dream.
Reserve building site. This can usually be done in the form of a refundable deposit.
Continue with design development and finalize construction costs.
5. Secure your construction financing, if you haven’t already done so.
6. Close on your land and execute a construction contract. Payment of an initial deposit on the construction is followed by a series of progress payments in accordance with our disbursement schedule.
7. The McCullough team will guide you through the decision making process in regards to colors, fixtures, moldings, finishes, changes, and all the details involved in customizing your home.
8. Upon completion, the careful attention to detail through the various stages outlined above will result in a home that you, the McCullough team, and our subcontractors can be proud of.
9. Timing: The design/development phase can take from one to three months. Construction can take 6 to 10 months depending on the overall scope of the project.
10. If you have already gone through the site selection and design stages and require a construction cost estimate, please contact us at (413)567-8974.
Pete_Jorgensen.jpg (18439 bytes)We look forward to working with you and thanks for considering McCullough Builders!  

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